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Watching Orpheus descend

Oh bright and beautiful boy
Whose golden voice could steal the moon from the night sky
Stop raindrops in mid-fall
And cause the fiercest creature to bow in submission

The time has come to follow your heart
Into that dark shadow
Armored only in dazzling youth
armed with the certitude of love

While I can only watch your descent
And pray
That you return whole again
And do not look back
Never look back

- Joe thompson

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I stand confused
Under an umbrella made of rain
As the skies begin to clear.

Your love mystifies like this,
Slipping through my diction
And soaking my heart dry.

I see your face in tiny droplets
And where once I bathed in
Oceans of truth

I find myself giving up
And looking for puddles.

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A fish contemplating outer space

It is amazing
How great chunks of our lives
Can end up missing
Simply because we ignore them
as if f we thought the alphabet
Jumped from c to j
Because somehow we just didn’t see
Those other letters.
I have done that with too many people
In my life
Sometimes trying to see what I’m not seeing
Makes me feel a little like a fish
Contemplating outer space

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Write like a child: 

Exaggerate wildly

Seek out wonder

Conjure your dreams

Share them with everyone 

Whisper your nightmares

Find the strength to slay them. 

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Joe Thompson
If I could fly


Sorry to reblog again, I just wanted you guys to know the lyrics  

Over the rainbow and up to the stars
Dancing with Venus and Wrestling with Mars
Then to the moon for hot chocolate and pie If I could fly

Don’t try to find me, You wouldn’t because 
I’d be off having lunch with the Wizard of Oz
The Tinman, The Scarecrow, the Lion and I 
If I could fly.

if I could fly I would soar through the air
just like Peter Pan
without a worry and without a care
Calling catch me if you can

I’d never get lonely up there in the blue -
But just to be sure I’d teach you to fly too
On wings that are made of a wish and a sigh.

- joe Thompson

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Creating your soul

Life does not come equipped with a soul
Contrary to popular belief
It is not standard issue
At birth
you borrow a spark
That must be developed and nurtured
Fueled by love pain compassion
Beauty sorrow laughter
In other words life
Until you have a real soul
To give back to the universe
Minus a little spark
For someone else

- joe thompson

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