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Write like a child: 

Exaggerate wildly

Seek out wonder

Conjure your dreams

Share them with everyone 

Whisper your nightmares

Find the strength to slay them. 

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Joe Thompson
If I could fly


Sorry to reblog again, I just wanted you guys to know the lyrics  

Over the rainbow and up to the stars
Dancing with Venus and Wrestling with Mars
Then to the moon for hot chocolate and pie If I could fly

Don’t try to find me, You wouldn’t because 
I’d be off having lunch with the Wizard of Oz
The Tinman, The Scarecrow, the Lion and I 
If I could fly.

if I could fly I would soar through the air
just like Peter Pan
without a worry and without a care
Calling catch me if you can

I’d never get lonely up there in the blue -
But just to be sure I’d teach you to fly too
On wings that are made of a wish and a sigh.

- joe Thompson

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Creating your soul

Life does not come equipped with a soul
Contrary to popular belief
It is not standard issue
At birth
you borrow a spark
That must be developed and nurtured
Fueled by love pain compassion
Beauty sorrow laughter
In other words life
Until you have a real soul
To give back to the universe
Minus a little spark
For someone else

- joe thompson

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Art and Audience

You are changing me
From what I am
Into a thing trying to be what I am -
Though perhaps I change myself
So desperate to be loved-
Guessing, anticipating
Losing the unnecessary harmonies,
The unimportant colors
Knocking off the hard edges
Having my vulgarities surgically removed
And my contradictions cleansed
Waiting to be printed on a lunchbox
Or book cover
Or re-issued in a school appropriate edition.

-Joe thompson

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The Missing Part


I watch men I do not know.
How they smile,
how the dirty steel bristles
cut through their cheeks and chins;
their tatoos
dull blue and grey
on sweat washed arms.
How they rub their hands,
push back their hair,
adjust their collars,
I am…

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You wonder why I wrap my heart with
Poems I have scribbled in hope and madness
And leave it all unprotected on the alter.

My prayers are simple.
I ask only for peace, clarity
Or just a chance to continue the discussion.

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One perfect moment - a fairy tale of sorts

I imagine a woman at a fair
Selling bottles of this and that
Elixirs of immense power
And objects imbued with magic
Of a sort.
And In a small vial that shines like a thousand stars-
One single drop of something.
“A moment,” she informs me,
“One perfect moment. Extremely rare.
Extremely valuable. What will you give me for one
Perfect moment?”
I laugh thinking of all the perfect moments I have had
With friends, with lovers, alone.
“The day will come when you would trade your soul
For one of these,” she scowls.
“No,” I whisper, “I know the secret -“
She leans in closer.
“I make my own.”

- Joe thompson

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