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May you always find joy in the laughter of children / may you always find joy in the work that you do / may you always find joy with the people you cherish / may they always find joy in you.
Joe Thompson
Song: The prayer of joy (via poemsandplays)

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Pocket universe

If I had a little pocket universe
Where we could live a whole day
In just a moment of ordinary time -
We could sneak away whenever we wanted to
and never be missed.
Walking along the beach;
Like who we really are-
Not the people we are expected to be.

And the best part is this:
The world would never even know
That we were gone -
Just that we were always very, very happy.

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River of Life

Love, hate, anger, sorrow, joy, passion- even compassion
are such inadequate, almost useless words

for the river of emotions and thoughts
that carries us through life - 

The small eddies and quiet pools
the thrilling rush of the rapids and falls;
the clear cold shallows and the darker deep waters -

The rhythm of waves ; the endlessly mixing 
of new with old; hot with cold;  
polluted with pristine.

or to put it another way -

It is much too complicated for words -
let’s leave them on the riverbank

and jump in the river

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Cupid and Venus

I am so pleased that we could get together today, Venus. We share so many interests. I know there has been a little bad blood between us in the past. But that’s why they call it the past. Because it has passed. We have the most divine jobs on Olympus, don’t you agree? Let others wage war or keep track of the dead. What could be more fabulous than bringing two people together? It is so heart warming. Well, usually only two people. Oops. That is all I am saying about that! My lips are sealed. Mmm.mmmm.
It is important that we keep our mouths shut sometimes. Considering our line of work. Don’t you think? You know, my job isn’t as easy as some people like to say. Oh goodness no. I mean, I don’t just choose people at random. Well, not usually anyway. Maybe sometimes, when I’m feeling a wee bit naughty.
I mean why not? It’s all fun. You know. I shoot a little arrow here and I shoot a little arrow there. And poof, magic happens. Zip. Zip. Zip. Zip.
Venus sweetie, Would you pour me another margarita, por fa vour? Thanks. Can I tell you a little secret? Oh look at you. You hear the word secret and you get that cat watching a mouse look. OK. Now, I love a good romance. Everybody knows that. Roses, candy, holding hands and yadda yadda. But what I really love? I love chaos. Pretty little, sweet little chaos. Oh, I can cause so much wonderful chaos with my little bow and arrows. You see these red ones: lust. Pure, thought stopping, blood pumping lust. Ha. You should see some of the trouble I’ve stirred up with those. Unbridled passion is a glorious thing, but, oh, afterwords! The repercussions can be- well, quite embarrassing and destructive, don’t you think? Oh, really. Please, don’t look so shocked. Not you, of all the gods. I mean, who anointed you “Little Miss Innocent”? To tell you the truth, Honey, I’m feeling very judged at this moment, and it is not a feeling I much care for. Really, Venus. How can a oversexed slut like you - oh yes, Honey, you really are. Girl, you are legendary. Everyone knows, and somebody has to just come out and say it. And it hasn’t all been my doing. Oh no, not by a long shot. But you are such an easy target, if you catch my drift. So listen up sweetie, the next time you feel like trash talking me with some of the other gods -Well, I’d look around and ask myself - now who or what, would be the worst and most embarrassing - well, you get the point. Oh goodness. We are almost out of Margaritas. Get us another will you? They have the most divine margaritas here. Don’t you think?

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What a princess is -

Wrote this for my daughter about 15 years ago

A princess is always a princess
no matter the time or place:

Dressed up in a party dress
complete with bows and lace-
or covered in dirt from head to toe
with a happy smiling face;

when she’s building a new space ship
that will take us all to space;
or when she’s hot and tired 
from running in a race- 

when she’s feeling awkward
or when she’s full of grace-
A princess is always a princess,

No matter the time or place.

-Joe Thompson

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This Little Pencil

This little pencil, small and worn-
that somebody has bitten-

has a zillion words all stuffed inside
just waiting to be written.

And not just words, but paragraphs 
of wisdom, rhyme and wit-

(While I just stare and wonder how
they got it all to fit.)

But a more important question-
I can say without a doubt-

Isn’t how they got the words to fit-
But can I get the right ones out?

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The Greek word for return is nostos. Algos means suffering. So nostalgia is the suffering caused by an unappeased yearning to return.

Kundera, Milan. Ignorance (via blurrymelancholy)

Our immunity to this condition weakens every year. Once a person displays even the mildest symptoms, onset is swift. Although no cure is imminent, the most devastating effects can be postponed by intense, active participation in life.

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