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Like I always said “Never trust anyone over 30.” Wait, I’m over thirty. When did that - ok. Never trust anyone over thirty except me. Don’t grow up, it’s a trap. Except the parts like getting to raise kids, getting married to someone wonderful, being in a position to share your experience with someone younger who needs it.
Ummm ok. But never let your inner child grow up. Like old blue eyes said ” fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you - if you’re young at heart.”

Where do I go? Follow the children. Where do I go? Follow their smiles.
Is there an answer in their sweet faces that tells me why I live and die?
Follow the wind song. Follow the thunder. Follow the neon in young lover`s eyes.
Lyrics from the musical Hair

A box of dreams

Here’s a box with someone’s dreams.
They look a little dusty.
Some of them are hardly used,
and some of them are rusty.
But they’re pretty good dreams-wipe one off.
It almost looks brand new.
I don’t suppose that any of these dreams belong to you?
If they do then clean them up, this dust will make you sneeze.
And when you find a good one, could you share it with us please?
Some dreams are meant for sharing, some are meant just for yourself-
but none of them are meant for sitting dusty on a shelf.

© Joe Thompson

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